Linux Xbox "small" savegame manager

I just hack a litte perl script for listing and downloading one or more XBOX's savegames.
You may have to edit the script to change the XBOX's IP.
This script is under the GPL licence.

You need to have Net::FTP => apt-get install libnet-perl

    Show and retrieve XBOX savegames. Version = 0.0.1
    tom[at]calixo[.]net 21/2/5

    usage: ./ <-lg> [-hdt]

     -h        : this (help) message
     -l        : list all IDs of the XBOX's savegames
     -g <ID>   : get the save <ID> as a directory
     -t        : need -g to work. Tarball the results
     -d        : debug

    example: ./ -g 45410049 

If you're happy with this program, buy me a T-shirt here because I'm closing the doors and I'd like that all these T-shirts disappear ;)

21/2/5 - Thomas GUTHMANN